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Here's 5 good reasons to list on GivYo®


It takes 5 minutes to list and manage orders.


No silly commissions or discount deals.


Be seen by a Local and Worldwide audience.


GivYo pays you the next day.


And the best bit, it's TOTALLY FREE to list on GivYo.

The mission at GivYo is to give and live a life less ordinary. We know you have passion for the activities you offer and the things you make, now let the World know about it. GivYo welcomes established commercial operators through to those just starting out, there's a few hoops to jump through of course, but we'll get you approved and verified in no time.

So how easy, is easy?

Start with what sells best for you, tell us the category, and from there on in everything is tailored to your type of business. So if you are, for example, shipping gifts, guess what? We'll ask about you about shipping. Whereas if you organise activities, we'll ask you about things like weather restrictions. For dining we want to know what you serve. For short breaks it's about facilities. You get the idea.

Payouts to you are sent the very next day

Getting paid is right up there on your list of most important things. GivYo does not sit on to your money until the end of the month, no, your payouts are issued the very next day. Orders are automatically tracked to successfully completed, triggering a payout to you. The dashboard helps monitor your sales and provides tips on how to increase them on GivYo.

List what you love

Experiences, tours, gifts, dining and short breaks

Mobile App

Message orders, bookings and dispatches from anywhere

User profiles

Learn about & message with potential buyers

Autopost options

Send your listing to Facebook and Twitter in 1 click

Free to list

You pay 5-10% only when you receive a successful booking


Easily manage your availability & reservations

Online transactions

GivYo handles all payments ensuring you get paid, and on time

Text alerts

Get notifications instantly on your mobile device

Customer support

Our community loyalty team is available around the clock

Google - Baidu - Yahoo - Bing

We work directly to bring you traffic & exposure

Earn reviews

GivYo reviews help you build a real reputation

Flexible pricing

Set seasonal pricing & fees from within your account

Payment options

Get paid via direct bank deposit or PayPal


We automatically translate your listing in 25 languages

1-click listing

Post once & your listing is active until you turn it off

Mentioned by those in the know

BBC. The Times. CNN. The Independent. Financial Times.

Multiple & clone listings

Manage listings around the world with one account

Social Media

GivYo has a community of fans and followers from around the World. Facebook. Twitter. Flikr. Pintrest.

Cancellation policies

Choose what works for you, and GivYo does the rest


Glorious online video to make your business look amazing on all the major channels
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