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Environmentally Friendly Easter Gifts

Some of us at GivYo really love planet earth and like to promote sustainable gifts that are eco-friendly and good for the environment, or at least have a lesser impact on damaging the environment. That's why this environmentally friendly Easter gift ideas page has been created.

With the ridiculous amount of production that goes into producing a chocolate gift, along with the production, supply and waste that goes into the packaging, we thought it would be good to make people aware of alternative Easter gifts. If you think of the pollution from the factories that produce the chocolate, along with the bad working conditions for the employees, is it right that at a time of re-birth and thoughtfulness that we should be engaging in giving these kinds of gifts. The packaging involved with a standard Easter egg is unbelievable, you've got the cardboard box, the plastic container the egg goes in, along with the foil that the egg is wrapped with, then there is the plastic wrappers around the chocolate bars and when a the shop it will probably get put in a plastic bag too, that's a terrible amount of material to say happy Easter.  

So here are a couple of alternative Easter gifts to give at Easter that can be considered eco-friendly Easter gifts that hopefully won't harm you in a way that eating copious amounts of chocolate would and that also won't harm the environment. Have a look at these eco friendly Easter gifts and consider them as options instead of your usual chocolates...

Our sustainable Easter gift of planting a tree is probably the perfect environmentally friendly gift and one that'll last for years and years. To give a plant a tree gift for Easter you will most certainly have to splash the cash a little more than a chocolate egg but if you consider the impact on the environment and that you could gift a tree to a whole family to share then it seems like a bargain. You can buy a plant a tree gift from as little as £14, you'll create a home for wildlife, give back to the environment and also won't harm yourself eating loads of chocolate.


Plant a Tree Gift

If you are looking for an Easter gift that is eco-friendly and doesn't cost a fortune, then why not adopt a bee! May sound strange but actually people do not realise how important bees are to plant earth. The bee population is diminishing rapidly and this is a problem as bees are responsible for the pollination of many of the world’s crops. Without bees, we would be without food and potentially a large amount of the world would begin to starve. Not only that the pollination of plants also helps the ecology of the planet another reason to adopt a bee. 

Our adopt a bee gift makes a fantastically environmentally friendly Easter gift, you will be contributing towards creating new hives and helping promote the bee population. This is a wonderful gift to give at Easter, it fits in very well with the Easter message and is doing something good for the planet. Bee friendly this Easter with an eco-friendly Easter gift and adopt a bee on behalf of a friend or loved one.

Adopt a Bee

For those like love to be outside, there are numerous walking and bicycle tours that would make a great environmentally friendly Easter gift.  No matter where in the world you are, GivYo either have or can find a walking or cycling tour for you. Walking in the great outdoors could possibly leave a footprint or two but your carbon footprint will be minimal. So, if you are looking for eco friendly Easter gift ideas, why not buy someone a walking tour, get them out in the open and enjoy the fresh air and surrounding destination along their chosen walking tour.

Walking & Cycling Tours

Also, don't forget that all our vouchers are digital, therefore there is no paper involved, unless you would prefer to print them out. Also, our e-gift cards are exchangable against any GivYo on the platform and last a lifetime, so you will never need to worry that they will expire. Give a life less ordinary this Easter with an alternative Easter gift, an environmentally friendly Easter gift.

Would you like to become a "GivYoer"? You can start earning extra income from GivYo members. Get in contact with us if you have eco friendly gift ideas that you would like to have listed on the GivYo platform. Or, you can list your environmentally friendly Easter gifts yourself by visiting our Create page and following the simple steps.

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