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Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Whether you are looking for Christmas gift ideas, Christening gift ideas, birthday, anniversary or Valentine's day gift ideas, we need to start thinking responsibly when we buy gifts. We live in a world that is so consumption orientated that it is ruining the planet, but at the same time people still like to give, so how to do find a way of being kind to the planet as well as giving someone you love a thoughtful gift. The way we think you can do this is by giving environmentally friendly gifts.

Eco gifts or environmentally friendly gifts are the most fantastic way of giving a great gift to someone you care about but also giving something back to the planet that we should care about. The state that the planet is in, it's time that we start thinking about responsible gifting and you may think this is a limited area of gifting but it's not. Responsible gifting can include things like spending time in at a local attraction such as a museum or park, but is can also include environmentally friendly gifts that also give back to the planet. Some of the best examples of environmentally friendly gifts include plant a tree gift, where you are able to give someone the gift of a tree dedicated to them. The benefits of planting a tree gift are that you are able to give someone a gift, whilst also giving back to the environment, which we take so much from. One of our other fantastically environmentally friendly gifts is our Adopt a Bee gift. Many people do not realise the importance bees have in keeping our planet alive and with our adopt a bee gift a contribution is made towards building new beehives and helping to promote the bee population, which is on the decrease.

The world we live in, is a world full of consumption, although it is great to give gifts, we should think responsibly and in doing so can also give back to the environment. Gift responsibly with GivYo and give someone an environmentally friendly gift that really does give back to the planet.

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