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Selling: How it works

Buying and selling on GivYo is easy. Here's our step by step guide. Jump to Buying: How it works

1. Click the blue button List your business

You might be an established business or have a hobby you're really passionate about and want to share.

2. Choose a category e.g. Skateboarding Lessons

Whatever your interest, if it's fun, clean and exciting, you're welcome on GivYo.

3. Type in your location e.g. Greenwich, London

If you've more than 1 location, just enter your most popular location for now, you can add more locations later.

4. Write a description, upload some pictures, and set your price

Remember the GivYo Price Promise says 'you won't find it cheaper elsewhere'.

5. Set it to LIVE

GivYo will suggest any content improvements and ways improve your position in the search results.

6. Receive and accept Output Requests in your Dashboard

Whether these are bookings for stay overs, tours, or shipping requests for items, you'll receive all the details you need.

7. Get paid automatically the next day

GivYo will make an automatic Payout to you. Payouts are subject to Service Fee deductions, typically around 6%.

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