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Things to do for Summer

Is that a whiff of the neighbour's BBQ? Sounds of Summer picnic laughs and long, warm evenings. Make the most of glorious days and find things to do for Summer nearby and beyond on GivYo.

Grab a group of friends and head for the coast. The VW camper RV is not obligatory for Point Break types, you can try a group surf lesson, kite-boarding, sand yachting and coasteering. Admittedly beginner surfing lessons more often than not involve novices using a wide long board, while this is far from the coolest of boards it is the fastest and easiest way to catch your first wave. A little like loosing your virginity you'll never forget the first time you're able to stand-up and ride a wave even for just a few's a rush. Surfy dudes types (aka Surf School Instructors) will begin your experience on dry land demonstrating where and how to best balance the board.  As your confidence grows on the water you can work towards mastering tummy, crouch and up.

For lovers of culture, one of the best things to do in the summer for you guys is to go on a tour. Explore a city new to you, indulge in the local culture and take part in activities with the locals. The summer is a fantatsic opportunity to travel and learn more about the wider world. Take a look at some of our fantatsic tours and "live a life less ordinary" this summer.

Cultural tours from around the world

Let's be clear coasteering is not for the faint-hearted, and is only to be enjoyed with experienced guides. In short coasteering involves scrabbling, climbing and jumping from and over cliff-edges, it is not in anyway a coastal stroll. First you'll don a dry-suit and jelly shoes to resemble a Marvel superhero. Team spirit is what will leads to triumph in Coasteering as you encourage, help and cheer on your group members.  And your reward is sharing spectacular moments of ecstasy as you make 40 foot leaps from the cliff face to the sea below.

Find surfing lessons, coasteering experiences and more on GivYo

Did someone say BBQ? Speciality barbecued cuisine is on trend this Summer and GivYo offers these in amazing venues to light your fire, whether it's a not too romantic first date, a special birthday celebration or a cookery lesson with a difference. But first; it has to be over charcoal for a truly authentic experience, although for some venues this does present a problem, so gas has to suffice. If you are enjoying barbecue dining aboard a luxury yacht overlooking Dubai's Burj Al Arab, gas or coals will not be a concern.

Cookery courses, lessons and workshops are on offer for all types of cuisine, but none makes more sense in Summer than learning from the experts how to execute a perfectly cooked and mouth-watering barbecue. The best courses include hands-on practicals to select and prepare meats and fish, from marinating to salting. And the best bit grilling, smoking, and probably some artisan charring.

Discover cookery lessons and speciality dining nearby on GivYo

Let us know your favourite things to do in the summertime...

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