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Things to do in Sri Lanka

If you have chosen to visit Sri Lanka, you have made an awesome choice in selecting your holiday destination. Believe it or not, Sri Lanka is a very diverse country, with so many things to do that suit all types of holiday makers from Safaris to city tours. GivYo has a range of excellent things to do in Sri Lanka.

Colombo is what is called "the commercial capital" of Sri Lanka and is a vibrant place to visit, it's historic dockyard has welcomed seafarers for hundreds of years and is steeped with fascinating tales. The location of Colombo has made it over the centuries a very important shipping and stop over port for many vessels at sea and the history of the dockyard shines through the city even today.

While planning a visit, you will probably be on the search for things to do in Colombo in Sri Lanka as this is one of the most popular destinations to visit when going to Sri Lanka. GivYo has plenty of ideas for you for things to do in Colombo. Whether you are a wildlife lover, enjoy the city life or just like to see the sights, there is an array of things to in in Colombo for everyone. Book a private day tour in Colombo at very reasonable cost of around €60, this is one of the best things to do in Colombo as it offers you the chance to see the majority of the city. You will be able to discover areas of the city that perhaps you want to go back to in order for you to explore them in more detail, but a private day tour of Colombo gives you a real sense of diversity of this city in Sri Lanka alone. On a private day tour in Colombo you will visit Pettah Market, Independence Square, take a look at the Indian Ocean from Galle Face, visit the Sri Lanka National Museum as well as visit the Gangarama Buddhist Temple. All of these sights are certainly must-see attractions in Colombo. 

Things to do in Colombo

If you are one of these travellers who are on the lookout for World Heritage Sites and are keen on finding things to do in Sri Lanka, then the Day tour to Sigiriya & Dambulla will suit you down to the ground. Again, GivYo offer this as a private day tour and is absolutely fantastic value for money. You will visit the "Golden Temple" officially known as Dambulla Rock, this has now become one of Sri Lanka’s World Heritage Sites and was constructed way back in the first century B.C. Upon visiting this inspiring World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka, you will then head over to the Royal Palace, situated on the top of Sigiriya Rock, this was constructed back in the 5th Century. Both these attractions in Sri Lanka are wonders to behold and should be top of your things to do in Sri Lanka list. If you are fascinated with history and culture, you should really take this tour of Damulla Rock and Sigiriya Rock.

World Heritage Sites

For those who love to see wildlife on their holidays, the tour at Wilpattu National Park is one of the best opportunities to see some of Sri Lanka's wildlife. Wilpattu National Park is the largest wildlife park in Sri Lanka, at Wilpattu you will be able to experience seeing such animals as leopards, elephants, sloth, buffaloes and spotted deer. There are also numerous exotic birds in residence, including the native peacocks and cormorants. Calling animal lovers, this should be top of your things to do in Sri Lanka, its highly recommended and the chance to see these beautiful animals in their own environment is awesome. Another of the top things to do in Sri Lanka, is visiting Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, this setting is where you will find orphan elephants being cared for, you can get up close to these amazing animals, and this is a real eye opener.

Safaris in Sri Lanka

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